Monday, December 2, 2019


For once I want to express something in English here, mainly because the word "ridiculous" I want to use is not has no equivalent in Thai that express how ridiculous it is.. lol just by reading it, ridiculous sounds so ridiculous, right...

I have had the 1 year wait that results in a 1-2 minutes outcome before. Great, still something tangible no matter how small that is. I thought I am ready for anything after this point.

That epic thunderstorm survival event that turns out empty. Questionable, but I was getting used to this I think it's normal that things wouldn't go as I want to most of the time.

The car then overheat and broken at the very important moment. That is just golden.

I do remember the eclair. Still fails. That made me think about a piece of colored paper I intended to keep it preciously but still manages to lose it. Good thing that last one is still here in my bag, I learned from my mistake. The stupid broken shell of a previously-a-pen is still here too. I still don't know what that means but I keep what makes me happy.

How about that and that and.. there are too many to recall here. Maybe you can just read one of my diary when I die. Or maybe I didn't write those down at all, not that I have enough guts to go and check them.

The most recently is this, 2 years of wishful hope. It was still not stupid, but that didn't happen either, and then after that day I got it cleared out finally and there is no more reason to hope. But it didn't hurt anyways so it secretly turned into a pointless, stupid, and even fun hope that it is OK on any outcomes. I thought that was the best state to be in honestly, and I was able to walk straight again by keeping it like that.

Then lol, a year after, totalled to 3 years, it happened except that I missed it. The chance to be happy for about 5 minutes I could have. All 3 years considered, I should have got this statistically speaking. Then of course! It happen on just 0.5% of the time that I could miss. This is completely ridiculous, I laughed wryly in my mind. Immediately all my past ridiculousness came back to remind me how everything magically fails.

Well I was wrong, it did hurt. Maybe only a bit, because it is completely ridiculous in both how low the chance that it could happen but it happens anyways, and the stupid reason to hope for it. I could have been a bit happier if I got that, but it would have been a big achievement. I keep regretting to the what-if scenario if I got that very small but important happiness.

One funny thing, I think it would be 0 or +, if it didn't happen then that's fine. If it happen then it's a small boost in happiness. But given how low the chance of it happening, when it did happen AND I know I missed it, there is a hidden - appearing from nowhere!

There is no going back to get it, I should hope for the next future where next thing fails, but I can't help regretting. Well, damn.

Life's crazy, maybe I was blinded by only the things that went wrong and not seeing the thing that goes right. But hoestly now that a day passed and I calmed down, I can't still think of anything that goes right recently or even counted years or 2 years prior.

Maybe I could count that I successfully made a crispy pork by research, or that I finally made over 5000 THB income from my passives I built? Well, those are nice. But the thing that hurt the most scales according to how you had been working for it. Those somehow always crashes, hard. By always, I think there is no long-term things that goes well so far.

Also I wondered why human are somehow wired to kill itself when these thing repeatedly happen. This thinking will be a funny one after some days passed but it was surreal when it came to mind. It is just ridiculous that something as long as in "years" unit just goes poof, in a matter of realization. And everytime, unbelievable.

I just have to stay strong to my personal point of life  : "to keep living to see the next event whether that is a bad or good one". But I just hope that type things out in a blog that no one would came across should help me out some more now that the wound is still fresh.

Anyways, all of these are all stupid. The only problem that it hurts for real, which is also stupid. I wish I choose to not knowing about something more often, maybe I would be happier that way.

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